Video-Based Training:

We offer a series of corporate training programs created by Tim Sanders, New York Times bestselling author and former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo. As the Leadership Coach, Tim Sanders was responsible for incorporating hundreds of newly hired employees into Yahoo as well as training sales staff.

The first installment in this series is The Dirty Dozen Rules Of Email Etiquette, a highly informative and entertaining video based program, based on extensive research involving thousands of email users just like you!

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Here's how the program works:

First we'll consult with you to determine the best video format for program delivery (DVD vs web-based). We'll identify the scope of the program (new hire orientation to training) and get you started. You distribute the videos either physically or via email and that is it!

Through our online testing application, we will certify your participating employees as "email etiquette equipped". Each month, you'll get a full report detailing who took the test, their scores and other useful statistics.

You'll also get a free IPOD, loaded up with a sneak preview of the next installment of our email training series!

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Benefits to this training program:

1. Risk Management

Face it: Bad things happen over email. The risks to your company range from broken customer or peer relationships to lawsuits. Our program will dramatically reduce the risk of either happening due to improper email usage.

2. Productivity

Improper email use wastes everybody's time. Disagreements, conflict and misunderstandings cost companies vital worker productivity too. This program will reduce the number of unnecessary or ineffective emails sent at your company. The financial savings in bandwidth alone will more than pay for the cost of this program!

Live Training!

We also offer in person training at your office or next corporate offsite event. Tim Sanders, or one of our certified trainers, will conduct a half or full day seminar that will cover email effectiveness, from A-Z. It will include The Rules Of Email Etiquette, along with advanced topics such as: How To Manage Your Email Life and How To Use Email To Accomplish Anything.

Prior to our live training, we will consult with you to determine the priorities for the program, as well as email issues at your company. All attendees will get a free DVD, along with a workbook.

This is not just another training event. Tim is one of the most dynamic speakers in the nation and endorsed by gurus from Tom Peters to Dr. Stephen Covey. Click here to see him in action.

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"The Dirty Dozen Rules Of Email Etiquette has changed the way I communicate with my staff and clients. I've created more time for myself and have built stronger relationships by learning how to work inside and outside the confines of e-mail."

Chris Bonney
Vanguard Technology Corporation


"These rules are clear, to the point, and will improve your email communications. The rules are easy to learn and implement. Learning them is already making a positive impact in my work life."

David Nottingham
LucasArts Entertainment