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The following twenty questions are designed to measure how well you’ve soaked up the information contained in the DVD (The Dirty Dozen Rules Of Email Etiquette). Take your time, feel free to review the DVD and relax – its just a little quiz!

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  1. What is the worst way to give constructive criticism to someone?

    Face to face
    Via email
    By phone
    Via a handwritten note
  2. What percentage of your communications occur over email?

  3. How do people mostly decode your intentions?

    By asking a trusted friend
    Through the tone of your voice
    By your facial expression and body language
    By the words you say or write
  4. How often does a boss read emails where an employee cc’d them?

    Every time
    Half the time
    Less than 10% of the time
  5. What is the Coleman rule?

    Don’t use profanity over email
    Think before your send
    Don’t tattle on someone until you’ve talked to him or her about it first
    There is no such rule
  6. How often is Reply To All correctly used?

    Less than 10%
    More than half the time
    Almost every time
  7. When is it appropriate to forward an email you received to a third party?

    When it is funny or provocative
    When you have permission from the author
  8. How do you “leave the safety on” when writing an emotional email?

    Sleep on it before you send it
    Delete the name in the “to” line of the email
    File it in your draft folder
    Ask a friend to read it and give you guidance
  9. When is it appropriate to send email to your direct reports or employees?

    Anytime you feel like it
    Business hours
  10. How many emails should you exchange with others on the same subject before you pick up the phone or talk about it face to face?

  11. What’s the most effective way to resolve a personal issue?

    Talk to your manager
    Face to face
    Conference call
    A long, detailed email
  12. How long should the body of an email be?

    Within the preview pane (250 words or less)
    500 words
    A short story
    A novel
  13. What is the shortest distance an email should travel?

    Across town
    To another building
    Within a rock’s throw
    Another state
  14. When should you use proper grammar, complete sentences and punctuation?

    When writing a customer
    When you have time
  15. When should you use all capital letters in an email message?

    When you are mad
    When you a referring to the title of a book or movie
    When you want to spice things up
  16. How large of an email attachment should you send without permission first?

    1 Gigabyte
    500k (One half of a megabyte)
    5 Megabytes
    Never send an attachment
  17. What is the CLEAR system?

    A way to reduce the amount of email people send you at work
    A virus protection program
    A filing system for email messages
    A way to send email messages with invisible font
  18. What percentage of your value do you create through email?

    Less than 10
  19. What is the platinum rule?

    Do unto others as your company tells you to
    Do unto others as they want to be done unto
    Do unto others as you see fit
    Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you
  20. When should you bring an email device to a meeting?

    When you are expecting an urgent message
    When you want to impress someone

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