ABC Reports on “No Email Fridays”

Click here for a link to ABC News Report on No Email Friday?

So US Cellular has implemented a company policy, “No Emails on Friday.” They thought it might be a neat idea if employees met face to face or better yet, picked up the phone and talked to someone.

Hmmm, a phone service provider is trying to dissuade workers from using their email and suggesting instead they use the phone?  Seems suspiciously like a marketing ploy they hope will catch on, perhaps with US Cellular subscribers….

Okay, call me cynical.  But unless Google tries to get us to use the encyclopedia once a week, or starts a “Go to the Library on Fridays” campaign, then I might be on to something.

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9 Responses to “ABC Reports on “No Email Fridays””

  1. Sexy Girls Says:

    Sexy Girls…

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  2. Carrie Says:

    There is an advantage also on not to receive any emails on fridays because by saturday it must be a free day, no works! but at the end, we might miss some important message. So, I guess this is not possible. Email are still considered as important on a daily basis.

  3. Thorsten Says:

    So is Thursday the new Friday? In many businesses, email dependence is so bad it is sometimes seen as counterproductive.

  4. Debbie Says:

    This is not like dress down Friday where casual clothing fosters a more social attitude amongst employees and as a result helps productivity but is more akin to suggesting that in order to get more work done staff should do less work.

  5. buy camera Says:

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  6. Lisa Says:

    The “No email Fridays” movement is merely one more reason to start email campaigns earlier in the week.

  7. Marianne Says:

    The e-mail free Friday is an attempt to address these problems, all of which are steadily increasing, by banning e-mail communication on that day, forcing employees to take a different approach and to use their time more appropriately.

  8. Debbie Says:

    Ironically, one executive sent an email to employees announcing the Friday email ban.

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