Email Joy

A well-crafted, sincere expression of appreciation over email can be a fabulous surprise. Take my friend Rose. Rose’s work is demanding. Because her company’s headquarters is 3,000 miles away, Rose often struggles with feeling isolated in her work.

Recently, I met Rose for lunch and she was beaming. She told me about an email she received from her colleague expressing deep appreciation for some of the specific contributions she has made to her program’s success, as well as for how much fun it was to work with her. Rose memorized this missive, saved it, and, later, read it to me.

It’s amazing what a little appreciation can do to revive a drooping spirit. Rose liked her company and her job better after receiving that email.

Expressing gratitude for others’ contributions vivifies biz life and ripples outward to enliven the organization.

Think about how you might use email to make someone’s day. Try to send an expression of appreciation to somebody different everyday.

And… mix it up! Expand your attitude of gratitude to phone calls, face to face meetings, and tangible cards, notes, and letters.

Jennifer Gordon, Cool Breeze Marketing

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2 Responses to “Email Joy”

  1. email marketing Says:

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  2. Barb Says:

    It is so true that taking the time to write someone can have big ripple impact. love this post on what an email (with no agenda, no to do list, no action required, not spam) can do to brighten someone’s day. At we are passionate about this very thing. We encourage you to go the next step and find the beauty in sending (not to mention receiving) a hard copy card or letter. Our fav is a postcard - short, easy, fast. Thanks again for sharing.

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