No “Nastygrams please”

Ever gotten an email from someone that just made your blood boil? And before you could stop yourself you just had to tell them what you thought through a good old “Nastygram”? You very carefully and with rising blood pressure, put together and stream of words and thoughts, fit only for drunken sailors. You hit the send button sit back and realize you have just made a huge mistake. Maybe you shouldn’t have said his golf swing looks like a bad Benihana chef. And the comment on her hair was most uncalled for. Did you see the exclamation point after the last word in the last sentence? OMG there wasn’t one? Sometimes we think that the send button is our punctuation mark. It is not.

Do not send an email that you may regret. Save yourself by never pre-addressing an email. Take out the line on the To line. Write your Nastygram and and then walk away. Go to lunch or go home for the the night . Come back to your potential career killer and see if you really want to send that email. Think before you send. Most times just taking a step back will help you temper your temper. Remember never pre-address an email!!

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6 Responses to “No “Nastygrams please””

  1. Absurdist Says:

    I learned, through great pain, how to handle my email now.

    When I write a standard email, I read it three times before sending it. Three times. Let me repeat that; three times.

    When I am upset about an email that I receive, I do not reply to it. I wait. Overnight. I may respond to it, but mostly, I will pick up the phone and talk to the person. Tone and inflection are almost impossible to read in email. It is much better to discuss the situation in person or on the phone.

    I have learned the hard way that I find myself much more tolerant of people’s mistakes and choices if I know them in person (best), or via phone (okay), than if I have never met them. That’s why it is so important to never respond to an email that upsets you with an email. You may be misreading the tone. You may not understand what he or she is trying to say.

    So pick up that phone. It’s not going to kill you. Stop managing by email. Use it as a tool; not a way to manage your life or your relationships with others.

  2. Carol Perry Says:

    I am an HR director…please send the free kit

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  5. Andrew A. Sailer Says:

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