Don’t be an e-drag

It seems like broadband has made us heavy handed emailers. We don’t think twice about attaching MP3’s, high resolution photos, massive PDFs or bloated Power Point presentations.

Recently, someone just sent me a 26 meg file via email. Ouch. It took my program about fifteen minutes on a weak wireless broadband connection to pick it up. Meanwhile, other messages that were timely patiently waited in cue.

What if I was on dialup or a slow WIFI connection on a trip? That would hijack my computer. On top of that, not all broadband services deliver the same speed. Some blaze (wired at work connections), other only crawl a little faster than an ISDN. Do not assume your email buddy can gulp down your massive file.

I could reset preferences to only allow messages below a certain size, but then I would be rejecting emails — and some of them could be business opportunities. There’s a lesson here, especially if you are in sales and service. When it comes to the emails you send, don’t be heavy without permission.

If you have a video, massive power point or hi res photo that you want to send — here are two polite options:
1. Use the service You Send It. It is free and offers up to 1 Gig storage! You upload your massive file to the service and it sends your email buddy an email with a link where they can pick it up.
2. Send an email first asking permission.

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2 Responses to “Don’t be an e-drag”

  1. massive blaze Says:

    [...] River … The blaze continues to threaten such historic landmarks as the Marsh Brewing Facility, …Don’t be an e-drag | Email A to ZIt seems like broadband has made us heavy handed emailers. We don’t think twice about attaching [...]

  2. Raleigh Mortgage Guy Says:

    Fantastic e-tip! Also let us not forget that most of us pick up mail on wireless devices like tablets and Smart Phones and most of us are on metered usage plans that charge per MB when you go over the allocated monthly limits.

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