Let them know you got ‘the package’

I had been getting several emails a day of information on a project I was putting together for a client. I got the emails and was doing the work and thought that was enough. I mean email always gets through right? The chance that I did not get her emails was slim and none. I had forgotten a common courtesy. I should have responded to each and every one of her emails.

I didn’t need to write a novel, but a quick line or two was in order. How do I know? Well, I got a frantic call asking me if I got the emails she was sending? Was it what I needed? Was I ever going to let her know that I got them? I say it all the time but business and life is all about relationships. We need to cultivate and nurture these like crops. The point is if someone sends you requested information via email, send back a simple acknowledgment. It is the polite thing to do.

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One Response to “Let them know you got ‘the package’”

  1. Avin Says:

    This practice makes sense to me and is something I generally try and do - as there have been times where a message has been sent, and a week or two later I found out they didn’t get it. That extra confirmation I think is helpful.

    One thought though: how to you balance this with the post “Getting the last word in over email…” ( http://blog.emailatoz.com/2008/06/10/getting-the-last-word-in-over-email/ )?

    When I first read the post about the last word, it conflicted with my practice of giving a confirmation that I received a message (like a simple “thanks”) - so I’m not sure how you suggest to reconcile the two.


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